Seven Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Rapid urbanisation and growing population have been driving the massive generation of global waste. It is estimated that, annually, somewhere around 2.1 billion tonnes of waste is being generated, all across the world. This waste not only contaminates soil, water and air, it also contributes to the emission of several greenhouse gases which has beenRead More

Electronic Waste – A Growing Menace

Each year somewhere around 50 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste (which usually includes discarded computer monitors, chips, motherboards, cell phones, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators) is produced globally –that is almost equivalent in weight of all the commercial planes ever built– and if it is left unchecked, it could double to 120 million tonnesRead More

Microplastic Pollution is Ubiquitous!

Microplastics– this word has been gaining a lot of attention from the ecologists in recent time. With rising population, material consumption has exponentially grown in the last hundred years leading to the huge production of plastic. A consequence of anthropogenic plastic pollution, microplastics are small particles of plastic having a length of five millimetres orRead More

Industrial Pollution: Slowly Smothering The Lives Of The Modern World!

With the evolution and advancement of Industry revolution, humans made rapid growth and developments in the 21st century. As an outcome of this, there were constant technological advancements and it gave birth to the manufacturing age. With all this happening, one more thing comes into view and that was industrial pollution. Industrial pollution is anyRead More

Air Pollution: The Need To Purify The Air We Breathe!

Pollution has become so common nowadays that our ears are accustomed to hearing this term often. Air pollution is one form of pollution that is referred to the contamination of the air, irrespective of the outdoors or indoors. Any kind of physical, biological or chemical alteration in the air of the environment can be termedRead More