Rio de Janeiro — One of the Worst Affected Cities by Climate Change

Climate change has been unleashing catastrophic events all across the world. The number of extreme weather events has only gone up in recent years.  Floods, drought, storms, wildfires, rising sea levels have been wreaking havoc on communities causing deaths and destruction and forcing people to migrate en masse to safer places. The climate scenario projection for futureRead More

Snow Leopards: The Vanishing Cats of the Mountains

Climate change is dramatically shifting the mountain landscape all across the world. The ongoing land degradation coupled with increased melting of glaciers, snow and permafrost has been endangering several wildlife species by destroying their habitats and thus putting many on the brink of extinction. One such species is Snow leopards, the notoriously elusive big catsRead More

Wind Energy – A Leading Solution to Climate Change

Our rapid growth and development in the last couple of centuries have come with a cost and that is climate change. With the massive industrial boom and subsequent increase in the demands for energy led to indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels which has been adding skyrocketing emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide andRead More

Managing Nitrogen Pollution — A Key for Climate Change Mitigation

Nitrogen — the main component of the atmosphere of our planet (78 per cent by volume) — is a double-edged sword! Its conversion to other chemically reactive forms could be indispensable for some life processes while for others it could wreak havoc in the form of nitrogen pollution. This growing menace has been driven byRead More

Embracing Solar Energy — Climbing Down The Carbon Ladder

Our energy needs are at an all-time high. With the burgeoning population, the demand for energy is only going to grow exponentially in the upcoming decades. The current energy sources have been leading to climate change which threatens our entire planet. The burning of fossil fuels including coal, natural gases and crude oil continue toRead More