How we respond to Changing Climate

Climate change is certainly a global issue. The rise in the emission of greenhouse gases, global warming, suffocating oceans, rising temperatures and several other associated factors are disturbing the ecological balance of the planet. These factors are threatening to make parts of the planet uninhabitable or inhospitable for life. The climate has always been changing,Read More

New Research Suggest that Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming

There is no denying the fact that pollutants coming out from diesel automobiles, coal-fired power plants, factories, and the burning of forests are major contributors to smog. The new research has suggested that these aerosols helps to cool the climate by blocking incoming solar radiation. The new study is suggesting that the efforts to cleanRead More

Climate Change Solutions: Making Forests A Centerpiece

When we talk about climate change, forests offer all the magical solutions we have been looking for. Forests absorb one-third of fossil fuel emissions, thereby making our planet a decent place to live. But when we are into deforestation drive, forests emit carbon into the atmosphere, which is already polluted. Both scientists and policymakers haveRead More