New Study suggests that Global warming to give colder winters and hotter summers

Amid debates about the reality of Global Warming and Climate Change, the new study has claimed that global warming is going to play a crucial role in the world’s climate. Further, the ocean currents are losing strength that usually plays a vital role in climate change. Recently, two separately published studies in the journal NatureRead More

New Research says hotter seas threaten marine wildlife with extinction

Global Warming is adversely affecting the biodiversity of the planet. The continuous chain of different effects is offering an adverse impact on the planet’s biodiversity and also disrupting the ecological balance. A recently published study suggested that the polar bears and other iconic animals could be extinct by the end of the century if oceanRead More

Climate Change as Threat to Wildlife

There is no denying the fact that earth’s climate has been changing throughout the history. But the current trends are considered of significant importance as changes are taking place rapidly. The climate patterns are changing and human-made activities are primarily responsible for this. The burning of fossil fuels is considered as the main cause ofRead More

The Effect of Climate Change on the Ecosystem

Right now the world is facing huge environment challenge and nothing and no one will be spared from getting affected by climate change. It’s been more than 15 years that we are doing acts that aid in losing the balance of our planet. Does anyone remember how many trees have we felled or how muchRead More