Whales Conservation — A Solution to Climate Change

The skyrocketing emission of greenhouse gases has been leading to global warming and climate change. Scientists, across the globe, have been relentlessly trying to figure out innovative solutions to curb the concentration of carbon dioxide — a heat-trapping greenhouse gas — from the atmosphere. A glimmer of hope has emanated from the deep waters ofRead More

Impacts of Climate Change on the Alpine Ecosystem

Global warming threatens to decouple ecological processes and may even collapse ecosystems across the world. The impacts of climate change have been visible in one of the most sensitive ecosystems — the Alpine ecosystem. Covering 3 per cent of the earth’s surface, the alpine ecosystems are present across various latitudes at elevated altitudes. Decreasing snowRead More

Sustainable Aviation — Transform the Way We Fly and Tackle Climate Change

The last decade has seen a proliferation of aviation sector — mostly driven by affordable international trips and growing middle class, globally. That might be good news for tourists and tourism sectors for many nations. However, the dark side to this growth has been its contribution to spiralling environmental issues. The aviation industry has beenRead More

Climate Change Will Worsen the Impacts of El Niño!

Unpredictable, uncertain, erratic and intense — this is what the impact of climate change would be on global weather patterns in the near future. With the rising average temperature of the earth due to emissions of greenhouses gases, global warming and climate change have been reshaping the way weather events behave. El Niño, a naturalRead More