How Climate Change & Pollutions are bringing diseases

One of the curses of rapid industrialization is “Environmental Pollution”. The commencement of industrial revolutions increases the burning of the fossil fuels which are considered as the major contributors to pollution. Rapid deforestation along with urbanization is adding fuel to this problem. Now, this problem of environmental pollution has reached the zenith and the globalRead More

Environmental Pollution – Causes, Effects & Steps towards Sustainability

Environmental Pollution is considered as one of the greatest challenges which world is facing today. Though it has been existing since centuries but significant increase in its level was seen since the commencement of industrial revolution in the 19th century. As the time is passing, world is witnessing its increase day by day, causing irreparableRead More

Air Pollution: The Need To Purify The Air We Breathe!

Pollution has become so common nowadays that our ears are accustomed to hearing this term often. Air pollution is one form of pollution that is referred to the contamination of the air, irrespective of the outdoors or indoors. Any kind of physical, biological or chemical alteration in the air of the environment can be termedRead More