Desertification: A Threat to Our Food Security and Livelihood

One of the greatest environmental challenges of this decade has been the ongoing land degradation in our drylands including arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas of the world. Driven by multiple factors, but predominantly by climate change and human activities, this process, known as, desertification not only threatens present and

The Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine Life

To err is human! The history of mankind is rife with catastrophic events which occurred accidentally causing huge damage to properties, and loss of human and animal lives. The instances of oil spills –which release liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, mostly affecting marine ecosystem — are a result of

What’s the Future of Climate Migrants?

Humans are on the move, en masse! As we continue to use fossil fuels for our energy needs, the concentration of greenhouse gases has been increasing, trapping heat within the atmosphere of our planet and thus raising its average global temperature. As a result, the climate change has triggered unpredictable,

Russia Isn’t Denying Climate Change Anymore!

With no brakes on consumption and combustion of fossil fuels for our energy needs, the increasing emission of greenhouse gases has been causing global temperature to touch record highs each year. The resultant climate change has been evident all across the world, which has been manifesting itself in forms of

Is Climate Change to Blame for Dying Atlantic Puffins?

Climate change has been threatening the survival of humans and many wildlife species. The rising average temperature of the atmosphere and seas owing to global warming have been affecting the animals the way they eat, migrate, breed and live! One of such animals is colourful billed sea-bird called Atlantic Puffin.

Eutrophication — Green Isn’t Always Good!

Anthropogenic activities have been putting our aquatic life under constant stress! With the rise in greenhouse gas emissions and the corporates and governments defaulting on their emission mitigation pledges, the concentration of carbon dioxide — a gas which traps heat — has been rising in the atmosphere, contributing to the

Mitigation and Adaptation — Are We Ready to Face Climate Change?

In the history of our planet, we have been through several catastrophic events. The communities which were better prepared and adapted to the calamities survived and thrived, while the rest perished! The present-day challenge comes in the form of climate change and it is expected to be a rougher trip

Coral Bleaching — Global Warming is Destroying Our Corals!

The spiralling concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and our oceans have led to global warming. The marine life has been severely affected by climate change. Marine environmental issues like ocean acidification, ocean deoxygenation, sluggishness in ocean currents continue to deteriorate marine ecosystems which are not only home to