This Is Why We Need to Push For A Circular Economy

With a boom in the Industrial Revolution, two centuries ago, mankind, since then, has swiftly shifted to a mass-production society which thrives on the ideology of “Take, Make and Waste”. While we now have a more comfortable lifestyle and certainly a high standard of living than what it was two

Unchecked Ocean Acidification May Cause Mass Extinction

There has been a looming threat to our marine life which oceanographers, across the globe, have been monitoring closely in recent years. The increasing carbon emission from the anthropogenic activities and the growing human population has led to a new phenomenon called ocean acidification. On a pH scale, zero is

Scientists warn of worst-case climate change scenario

A newly published study suggests that there would be greater greenhouse gas emissions because of high economic growth as was forecast previously. Owing to this, the scientists require recalibrating projections related to “worst case” climate change scenario. The new study has been conducted by taking greater global economic growth into

How Global Warming Is Threatening Our Wellness

Global Warming is certainly a serious issue. The rising temperatures and disturbing ecological balances are also destroying our health. We are coming across various devastating news like the glaciers are melting, sea level are rising, oceans are suffocating, etc. Ever think, how global warming taking on us as human beings.

Microplastic Pollution is Ubiquitous!

Microplastics– this word has been gaining a lot of attention from the ecologists in recent time. With rising population, material consumption has exponentially grown in the last hundred years leading to the huge production of plastic. A consequence of anthropogenic plastic pollution, microplastics are small particles of plastic having a

Climate Change is Skewing Sex Ratio in Animals

There has been a growing concern among wildlife scientists and ecologists as far as the effect of global warming on the sex ratio of certain animals is concerned. Rising global temperature has been reported to skew sex ratio in certain species. As the temperature of an ecosystem plays a vital

New Study Claimed that little extra global warming will mean a lot for plants and animals

Putting spotlight on the impact of global warming on plants and animals, a newly published study has claimed that it will be impacting plants, animals and especially insects. According to the research work, restricting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the average pre-industrial global temperature as suggested in Paris