Shrinking Dead Sea and Rise of Deadly Sinkholes

The world around us is changing and for worse. The shifting landscape — primarily triggered by human-induced climate change and other anthropogenic factors — has opened up a pandora’s box not only for environmentalists but also for the local population who depend on the environment and its ecosystem for their

Managing Nitrogen Pollution — A Key for Climate Change Mitigation

Nitrogen — the main component of the atmosphere of our planet (78 per cent by volume) — is a double-edged sword! Its conversion to other chemically reactive forms could be indispensable for some life processes while for others it could wreak havoc in the form of nitrogen pollution. This growing

Embracing Solar Energy — Climbing Down The Carbon Ladder

Our energy needs are at an all-time high. With the burgeoning population, the demand for energy is only going to grow exponentially in the upcoming decades. The current energy sources have been leading to climate change which threatens our entire planet. The burning of fossil fuels including coal, natural gases

Impact of Climate Change on Ringed Seals

The ecosystems and landscapes have been incessantly shifting around the world owing to climate change induced by human activities. This shift is rather dramatic at the poles — specifically the North Pole. Rising temperature in the Arctic region has been increasingly losing sea ice and snow; this has triggered a

Marine Cloud Brightening — A Climate Solution Too Risky to Roll Out?

Our inability to take immediate and effective measures to curb emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has been increasing the severity of climate change with each passing day. There has come a point where we can not wait any further for our behaviour to change and now, we must

Combating Climate Change With Genetically Modified Plants

Global warming has been causing temperature — all across the world — to rise at an alarming rate. This has left scientists scrambling to study and find more answers and solutions to curb the impacts of climate change. From a mix of innovative and promising solutions, biotechnologists have been experimenting

The Doomsday is Near for Monarch Butterflies!

Human-induced climate change has been threatening the extinction of several plants and animal species. One of the biological wonders of the world — the North American Monarch butterflies and their migration — has been hit owing to skyrocketing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and soaring temperature. In the last

Orangutans — On the Brink of Extinction

Climate change and anthropogenic activities have been increasingly leading to loss of habitats, biodiversities and ecosystems around the world. This has brought many species on the brink of extinction. Orang-utans are one such species which have been in the limelight for many years as their population continue to decline owing