Conservation: An initiative to protect and self renew

With the ever-increasing overexploitation of natural resources by human actions, the United Nations is concerned with the availability of the resources in the future. According to the latest reports, it is being suspected that if conservation doesn’t happen now, it won’t be too far when the earth will become devoid of the non- renewable resources. TheRead More


Recycling – Everything you need to know

We are burdened with a colossal amount of waste in our backyards, not just locally but on a global level. The worst contenders which pollute our land and water bodies, much to our relief, can be recycled. Recycling is a process which converts waste materials – predominantly plastic, paper, glass, steel, paper and electronics –Read More


KoiKiwi: Fun Learning of Environment Care

We were pleased to find this new website of ecological games for kids: KoiKiwi, it is just a brilliant idea that both parents and educators must know about: a set of simple games which teach kids about the environment.   The site includes some really fun-cool games: Shoot plastic bottles – we found this oneRead More