Thanks to Climate Change, Sugar Maple Trees are in Trouble

Hotter temperature due to climate change and biological factors have been pushing several animals and plants toward the poles in search of a suitable condition where they can survive, grow and reproduce. In North America, this movement is northward. However, there are some species which can not thrive in the

Algae — A Solution to Our Climate Woes!

Algae — could these green and slimy organisms offer a solution to the impending climate crisis? As per researchers, they might indeed! With a little help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the algae in a well-optimised environment of a bioreactor can remove carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and may even

Bacteria Will Exacerbate Climate Change

Barring few bacteria, the majority of these organisms are so small that they are invisible to the naked human eye, but don’t go by their size! We all know, when it comes to making a huge impact, bacteria can turn our lives topsy-turvy. Climate change is no exception. Skyrocketing emission

Fungi — The Climate Warriors

For a layman, the term ‘Fungi’ could create visuals of the common yeasts, moulds or the more familiar mushrooms. It is almost unfathomable how these tiny organisms have been doing us a great favour when it comes to fighting against climate change and protecting our planet. It is in common

What’s Wrong With Biofuels?

The beginning of this century had emissions generated by fossil fuels in the crosshairs of many policymakers and governments and biofuels emerged as a promising solution to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions. Once touted as the panacea to climate change problems, the awareness of the shortcomings of biofuels has been

Sustainable Aviation — Transform the Way We Fly and Tackle Climate Change

The last decade has seen a proliferation of aviation sector — mostly driven by affordable international trips and growing middle class, globally. That might be good news for tourists and tourism sectors for many nations. However, the dark side to this growth has been its contribution to spiralling environmental issues.

The Risks of Making Nuclear Energy A Part of Climate Solution

World leaders struck a deal in the Paris Agreement 2015 to limit the global warming to 1.5°C from the pre-industrial temperature. As per a UN Emission Gap Report, to achieve this goal, the carbon emissions must reduce at least by 7.6 per cent each year starting from 2020 to 2030.

7 Animals Hit Hard by Climate Change

Climate change has been presenting new challenges for the survival of humans and several wildlife species. Extreme weather events such as drought, floods, storms, heat waves, wildfires have been becoming more frequent; the rate of melting of snow at the mountains and the poles, warming of ocean water has been

Climate Change Will Worsen the Impacts of El Niño!

Unpredictable, uncertain, erratic and intense — this is what the impact of climate change would be on global weather patterns in the near future. With the rising average temperature of the earth due to emissions of greenhouses gases, global warming and climate change have been reshaping the way weather events