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Why SMTP Tool?


SMTP tool has got no limits - the only limit is by your smtp provider (gmail, aws etc)


SMTP tool can work with any SMTP server in the world.


You can send as many Emails as you like with our free package.

How it works

First, enter your SMTP server details, your email account and password

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Paste your list of receipients with a space / line break / semi-colons saparating between them

Enter your Email subject, Email message HTML / TEXT and choose how many Emails to send a day

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Click send and inveatigate your results under the Reports of your Email account

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Unlimited Emails SMTP - $0.00

You can send as many as emails as you want. No limits. Our signature will get embedded at the bottom of each email.

1,000 Signature free Emails - $1.96

Send 1,000 Emails without any SMTP tool signature at the bottom

10,000 Signature free Emails - $9.96

Send 10,000 Emails without any SMTP tool signature at the bottom

*by site rules, your SMTP account will be blocked forever if you try to spam
**materials can be sold to others unless you buy the full intellectual rights


Some ideas of how to work with SMTP tool below

Can I use gmail SMTP to send emails?

Yes, gmail are providing SMTP interface to your gmail account.

My E-mails will land in Inbox or Spam folder of the recipients?

It really depends what you send, and how often. We recommend you to test and do slow sending in the beginning i.e. - in the beginning send no more than 100 emails a day, and watch results.

I tried to send 10,000 Emails in one day but 9,500 were rejected - why?

Each SMTP server has got a limit of how many emails you can send each 24 hours - in the above example - of 500 emails a day. You must check those details before you send too many emails per day.

Can I use other SMTP servers rather than smtp.google.com? Can I use my university SMTP server or AWS SMTP server?

You can use any SMTP server that you are legally allowed to use, i.e. that you have an account on that server.

I asked to send 20,000 emails a day, and then after 300 emails, all the rest of my emails were potponed to the next day - why?

Once more than 3 consecutive Emails of yours are rejected by the SMPT server, we postpone all your pending emails 24hours ahead. This will prevent you from getting blocked by your provider.

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