How can we personally contribute to stopping Global Warming

There is no iota of doubt that global warming has reached serious level. The effect of increasing temperature is visible in the form of melting ice caps, warming up of oceans, their acidic nature, acid rain, extreme weather conditions, etc. The question is how we can help in stopping global

Not Greenhouse Gases but Ozone Depletion is the main cause of Global Warming, Says Researcher

A recent study has claimed that it is the depletion of the ozone layer which is causing global warming. The study suggests that most of the scientists are considering greenhouse gases as a major contributor to global warming but refusing to even think about ozone depletion. The research further claims

New research shows that Melting Antarctic glaciers are indeed freshening oceans

The horrifying effects of Global Warming have started coming on to the surface. The new research has indicated that the melting of the Antarctic glaciers due to global warming are pouring fresh water into the oceans around them. This freshening of the ocean’s water is blocking a process in which

New Study suggests that Global warming to give colder winters and hotter summers

Amid debates about the reality of Global Warming and Climate Change, the new study has claimed that global warming is going to play a crucial role in the world’s climate. Further, the ocean currents are losing strength that usually plays a vital role in climate change. Recently, two separately published

How Climate Change Is Worsening the Lives of People

Climate change is no more a myth and is a harsh reality. Several pieces of literature along with scientific demonstration are proving that rising temperatures are linked to changing weather patterns. Due to rising temperatures drought, storms, wildfires & extreme weather conditions have become a routine thing. Journalists visited to

Restricting Global Warming To 1.5C would reduce flood hazards

The world is facing a serious threat in the form of Global Warming. Since the commencement of Industrial Revolution, the temperatures across the globe are rising. In order to put a check on the increasing temperatures, the Global Community charted Paris Agreement. The main motto of this agreement is to

Extreme Weather Events Are Part of Global Warming

Global warming is disrupting the ecological balance of the planet in every possible way. The extreme weather conditions are counted as another adverse impact of global warming. Since the commencement of the industrial revolution, the world is encountering a serious problem popularly known as global warming. The main cause of