Angkor City: How Climate Change Triggered its Collapse

Our world today stands at the brink of climate change catastrophe. Thanks to indiscriminate combustion of fossil fuels over the last two centuries, we have been heating our planet more than ever, and this could have far-reaching consequences for our current and future generations. Buried deep in the pages of

Rio de Janeiro — One of the Worst Affected Cities by Climate Change

Climate change has been unleashing catastrophic events all across the world. The number of extreme weather events has only gone up in recent years.  Floods, drought, storms, wildfires, rising sea levels have been wreaking havoc on communities causing deaths and destruction and forcing people to migrate en masse to safer places. The

Climate Apartheid would Make the World Inhospitable for Mankind

As climate change continues to grow worse, basic necessities such as food, water, housing and health have been threatened for millions of people around the world. Rising sea levels, rapidly melting glaciers on the mountains and shrinking ice cover and sheets in the Arctic, and extreme weather events such as

Snow Leopards: The Vanishing Cats of the Mountains

Climate change is dramatically shifting the mountain landscape all across the world. The ongoing land degradation coupled with increased melting of glaciers, snow and permafrost has been endangering several wildlife species by destroying their habitats and thus putting many on the brink of extinction. One such species is Snow leopards,

Climate Change to Hit the Middle East the Hardest

The Middle East has been witnessing unprecedented climatic episodes for the past few years. The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events have surged dramatically and it is expected that the consequences of climate change would become more pronounced for the region in the upcoming decade. In no other country

Oil and Gas Industry — Its Resistance to Climate Change Actions

Climate change is here, it is no more a looming threat waiting to strike us in the distant future! The surge in the frequency of extreme weather events such as floods, tides, bushfires, storms, heatwaves and drought, in addition to rising sea levels, melting glaciers in the Arctic, shrinking water

Wind Energy – A Leading Solution to Climate Change

Our rapid growth and development in the last couple of centuries have come with a cost and that is climate change. With the massive industrial boom and subsequent increase in the demands for energy led to indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels which has been adding skyrocketing emissions of greenhouse gases

The Elusive and Vulnerable Giant Panda Bears of China

We have been losing nature’s balance and its ability to sustain life on our planet. The threat to our wildlife has become more pronounced owing to human activities and changes in the climate over the past few years. Many species of animals and plants are on the brink of extinction