Small Island Nations are Sinking!

The island nations are under extreme threat! With ongoing global warming and climate change, people of these islands and their culture are at serious risk of submerging by the end of this century. The rising temperature has led to an increase in sea levels, frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like cyclones, hurricane, tides,Read More

Climate Change and Declining Fisheries and Aquaculture Output

The increasing concentration of carbon dioxide gas due to ongoing human activities such as combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation, and urbanisation leading to land degradation have been causing a global rise in temperature. This has led to the declining health of marine and aquatic ecosystems. The process of ocean acidification, deoxygenation and weakening ocean currentsRead More

Birds: Is Avian Life in Dire Straits?

The crooning and chirping of the buoyant creatures gliding high in the sky, hooting up above from a tree, or tweeting in our garden may get silent if we stay on our current trajectory of the impending climate crisis. With unrestrained emission of greenhouse gases due to human activities, the earth’s temperature has been risingRead More

Global Warming and Its Impact on Polar Bears

As the emission of greenhouse gases due to anthropogenic activities remains unabated, the temperature of our planet continues to soar. The global warming repercussions are being felt all over the world, however, the effects are more dramatic and drastic at the poles, especially at the Arctic; the ice on the Arctic regions have been meltingRead More

Climate Change and An Impending Food Crisis

Glaciers melting, rivers flooding, rainforests burning, lakes shrinking, heat waves in Europe– whatever could go wrong went wrong in 2019! Most of us witnessed some or other forms of these extreme weather events in our respective geographical regions. The threat of climate change manifested itself claiming lives, displacing large populations, making many homeless and withoutRead More