Is Our Meat Consumption Making Our Planet Hotter?

For most of us, meat has been an integral part of our diet throughout our life. However, as the climate change voices grow louder, there has been an increasing number of people, more than ever, questioning meat consumption and the effect it has on our planet. Does meat consumption impact

Global Warming and Its Impact on Polar Bears

As the emission of greenhouse gases due to anthropogenic activities remains unabated, the temperature of our planet continues to soar. The global warming repercussions are being felt all over the world, however, the effects are more dramatic and drastic at the poles, especially at the Arctic; the ice on the

Climate Change and An Impending Food Crisis

Glaciers melting, rivers flooding, rainforests burning, lakes shrinking, heat waves in Europe– whatever could go wrong went wrong in 2019! Most of us witnessed some or other forms of these extreme weather events in our respective geographical regions. The threat of climate change manifested itself claiming lives, displacing large populations,

Climate Change: Earth is Getting Hotter, Winters are Getting Colder

Deniers of climate change often argue that if the earth is getting hotter because of global warming, why is that we are faced with extreme and colder weathers, with temperatures at the Arctic-like levels? Should not the rising temperature of earth make our winters milder or just make them go

Climate Change: Myths And Deniers

In the last couple of years, climate change and its implications have become a part of mainstream conversations all around the world. The phrase Climate Emergency was even chosen as the Oxford word of the year in 2019. As the discussions around the changing weather pattern, frequent natural disasters, rising sea levels,

Climate Change And Its Impact On Australian Bushfires

Bushfires in Australia are common natural events which blaze over a million hectares of land, decimate hundreds of homes and properties, and cause fatalities including humans and animals lives, each year. Over the years, however, the frequency and intensity of these bushfires have increased manifold; this has left many wondering

Overtourism And Climate Change : Why We Need Sustainable Tourism

With global middle class growing and getting more affluent, international travel becoming cheaper and more affordable, and on-the-click-of-the-mouse availability of subsidised accommodations like Airbnb, there has been a phenomenal increase in the domestic and international trips taken and the number of tourists visiting worldwide each year. This excessive number of

Shrinking Lake Chad: Is Climate Change A Factor?

Climate change impact is real! Communities, especially the poorest ones among others, around the world, have been bearing the brunt of ongoing climate change. Some of these poorest communities reside in the countries which lie in the Sahelian zone of west-central Africa. Of late, the world has caught the attention

Melting Greenland: Brace Yourself for Extreme Weather Events

The implications of climate change were on full display in the summers of 2019 when an enormous amount of ice sheets began melting in Greenland. On a single day, approximately 12 billion tonnes of ice melted off its glacier and poured into the Atlantic ocean. And within just five days