Climate Change Harms Our Mental Health!

Rising greenhouse gases emission, unrestricted deforestation, livestock farming, and fossil fuel consumption has led to an increase in the global temperature. Newspapers are rife with headlines of nations facing frequent natural disasters such as cyclones and hurricanes, floods and droughts, wildfires, melting snow in the Arctic region and rising sea

6 Celebrities Who are Actively Promoting Environmental Issues

Celebrities are not shy when it comes to raising awareness about climate change and environmental challenges. Whether they are Hollywood stars, business tycoons or politicians, everyone seems to be trying to do their bit to attract more and more world leaders’ attention toward climate action. Having a lot of fan

Electronic Waste – A Growing Menace

Each year somewhere around 50 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste (which usually includes discarded computer monitors, chips, motherboards, cell phones, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators) is produced globally –that is almost equivalent in weight of all the commercial planes ever built– and if it is left unchecked, it could

Is Vertical Farming the Answer to the Global Food Crisis?

With the burgeoning world population, and a decline in arable land as a result of desertification, human-induced erosion, degradation of topsoil, there has been a looming threat of food crisis globally. There has been a lot of hype generating around a relatively newer form of farming which grows produce in

Meet Greta Thunberg– A Climate Activist From Sweden

The future of our children is at stake. In the last two centuries, our planet has suffered a great deal. Industrial Revolution and growing population have triggered a mindless production and consumption of goods, which has not only risen the global temperature and polluted the environment massively, but it has

This Is Why We Need to Push For A Circular Economy

With a boom in the Industrial Revolution, two centuries ago, mankind, since then, has swiftly shifted to a mass-production society which thrives on the ideology of “Take, Make and Waste”. While we now have a more comfortable lifestyle and certainly a high standard of living than what it was two

Unchecked Ocean Acidification May Cause Mass Extinction

There has been a looming threat to our marine life which oceanographers, across the globe, have been monitoring closely in recent years. The increasing carbon emission from the anthropogenic activities and the growing human population has led to a new phenomenon called ocean acidification. On a pH scale, zero is