KoiKiwi: Fun Learning of Environment Care

We were pleased to find this new website of ecological games for kids: KoiKiwi, it is just a brilliant idea that both parents and educators must know about: a set of simple games which teach kids about the environment.   The site includes some really fun-cool games: Shoot plastic bottles – we found this oneRead More

Climate Change Solutions: Making Forests A Centerpiece

When we talk about climate change, forests offer all the magical solutions we have been looking for. Forests absorb one-third of fossil fuel emissions, thereby making our planet a decent place to live. But when we are into deforestation drive, forests emit carbon into the atmosphere, which is already polluted. Both scientists and policymakers haveRead More


Industrial Pollution: Slowly Smothering The Lives Of The Modern World!

With the evolution and advancement of Industry revolution, humans made rapid growth and developments in the 21st century. As an outcome of this, there were constant technological advancements and it gave birth to the manufacturing age. With all this happening, one more thing comes into view and that was industrial pollution. Industrial pollution is anyRead More


Air Pollution: The Need To Purify The Air We Breathe!

Pollution has become so common nowadays that our ears are accustomed to hearing this term often. Air pollution is one form of pollution that is referred to the contamination of the air, irrespective of the outdoors or indoors. Any kind of physical, biological or chemical alteration in the air of the environment can be termedRead More